Composition Project #2


Circulation and distribution is an essential component of convergence culture. The circulation of media content in today’s world is transnational, moving across borders to connect various communities. In Convergence Culture, Jenkins argues that there is democratic meaning-making in the interaction between mass and grassroots media — in which the audience has power in the creation of meaning derived from the source text. Reaction videos are a way to observe this sort of democratic meaning-making. As a class, we filmed a reaction video in which we will “reacted” to a newly released BTS music video. We discussed genre conventions and collaboratively designed a reaction video during the second week of class. The instructor posted that video to YouTube and we observed how the video was distributed and circulated.

For Composition Project #2, students will analyze the data received through YouTube analytics.

Students will write a short analysis paper summarizing and critically considering the circulation of the reaction video. Requirements are detailed below.

You can find the reaction video below:


  • Develop critical thinking skills, placing practice into conversation with data and theory
  • Interpret the content of virtual/visual materials in relationship to circulation and distribution platforms
  • Adapt familiar communication modes to fit circumstances and audience


You will write a short analysis paper (at least four pages in length, to the bottom of the fourth page) placing the YouTube data into conversation with the reaction video’s adherence to and departure from the genre conventions of “reaction videos” as discussed and observed in class. This may also be placed into conversation with current events that may have influenced the video’s circulation and distribution.

In your analysis paper you must center your discussion around one or two aspects of the data.

You should incorporate three sources. One of these sources should be from a text used in class. Consider how the concepts that we have discussed in class (circulation, access, social media, distribution, convergence, transmedia, rhetoric) influenced the data that we see in the analytics.

What elements of the reaction video led to the data that we see?

You are NOT allowed to use the graphs in your paper. You should clearly summarize the graph or data that you are discussing in your analysis.

The analysis paper and sources should be written in MLA format (8th edition). 12pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced, no extra space between paragraphs, left justified. Include page numbers and MLA formatted heading content.

YouTube Analytics

You can find all charts and excel data sheets on Canvas here.

Click here to access this data.

Important Dates


Composition Project #2 is due on Canvas by 11:59pm EST. The document should be in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. If you encounter any issues in the submission of your analysis, contact Dr. Murdock.

Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The statistical analysis...It's so beautiful."