Blog Instructions

Blog Instructions

Making a Blog Post

In order to complete your blog post assignments, you must access the course blog associated with your specific section. To do this, look to the top right hand corner of the course webpage. Follow the directions below to post your blog entries. All blog entries are visible to other students in your course section, but are protected from outside viewers through GATech security access.

To access and post to your course blog:

1. In the top right corner of this course site, you will see links for the course “blog,” our class “Twitter” account, and a link to the “Canvas” course management site. Click “Blog.”

2. When you click that link, you will be directed to sign in if you are off-campus. If you are on-campus, you should be allowed to directly access the blog.

3. Once you have signed in, you will see a toolbar at the top of the page. This toolbar will provide a number of options. Select “New” and then “Post.”

4. Give your post a title, provide the necessary discussion regarding the prompt described in the Course Schedule, and include any media you feel necessary to make your post engaging.

NOTE: You should use “Alt Text” for any images you include in your blog posts. In the alternative text, you should include a short, succinct description of the image.

5. Once you have finished writing your post, click “Publish” in the right sidebar.

6. In the toolbar at the top of the page, you will see the option to “View Post.” Click that link.

7. Read your post over for any mistakes or corrections.

Remember that all blog posts are due by 9am. 

Posting Comments on Blog

Blog comments are required. For each blog post you write, you must comment on the post of two peers. This is to foster conversation regarding the blog topics and to build community among the class. Follow the instructions below to post a comment.

1. To post a comment to a peer’s post, first thoroughly read the post .

2. Once you have read the post, click “Leave a Comment.”

3. In the space provided, write a short (200 words or so) comment that critically engages the post of your peer. This comment should be more than “Yes, I agree.” or “This is rad.” Explain your stance, explain your position, explain your interpretation, explain the impact the post had on you as a reader. The more detail and explanation you give, the better.

** NOTE: Keep all discussion civil and courteous. 

4. Click “Post Comment.”

Remember all comments are due by class on the day assigned.


There will be 10 blog posts due over the course of the semester, as specified in the course schedule. Each post will be worth 8 points, for a complete total of 80 points. Each comment submitted will also result in an additional .5 pt. with two required for each submitted blog post. This will total of 10 points over the course of the semester.

Blog posts will be graded and evaluated thus:

8 The blog post is focused, coherently engaging with the specified prompt. The post takes a stance, makes and argument, or explains an observation succinctly while showing an awareness of the blog post genre limitations. The post demonstrates an awareness of convention including (but not limited to) Standard English grammar, design considerations, and evidence-based practice.
6 The blog post is somewhat focused, while providing necessary connections to the specified prompt. Ideas, arguments, or observations may not be fully developed or explained, leaving room for misinterpretation or audience confusion. The post uses some effective examples and explanations, but struggles in demonstrating how those examples and explanations connect.
4 The blog post is mostly summary and is somewhat unfocused, not quite providing connection to the specified prompt. Any ideas, arguments, and/or observations are not fully developed or explained. There are many possibilities within the post that the audience may misinterpret provided discussion. The post uses examples, but those examples are unclear.
2 The blog post is unfocused while providing no ideas, arguments, or observations connected to the specified topic.
0 The blog post has not been submitted or provides only one or two sentences.
*** While Standard English will be considered in the grading for blog posts, it will be mostly for readability and clarity. If the grammar is unclear it might negatively impact your post’s argument or observations. The instructor will take this into account with blog post evaluation.

Blog comments are based on completion to receive the .5 pt per response. Two comments are required per individual blog post assignment. If the comment is disrespectful, off-topic, or late, the comment will not receive credit. 

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