The Zodiac Killer says in one of his letters that humans are the most dangerous animal. However, the Zodiac killer’s methods of murder are nothing like the murder to whom he is alluding to.The Most Dangerous Game, written in 1924, tells the story of a shipwrecked sailor who finds himself on Zaroff’s island. Zaroff hunts people for pleasure because he claims her grew bored of hunting animals. Other than the obvious murderer inspiration (and maybe his name), I do not see many other similarities between the Zodiac Killer and Zaroff.

So what does The Most Dangerous Game have to do with the Zodiac Killer? The most common theme in both stories is that of a serial killer. The Zodiac killer does not do any chasing in his murders. There is no risk involved. My question is, is the Zodiac Killer inspired by Zaroff the hunter, or by Rainsford the hunted? For by the end of the story, both men have become murders, even if Rainsford was only killing in self defense.

Because Rainsford must use cunning and skill, it seems to me that the Zodiac killer would be more inspired by Rainsford because of his creativity in defending himself. Zaroff on the other hand is beaten at his own game, something that has yet to happen to the Zodiac killer.

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