As the name suggests, Zodiac is about the famed Zodiac Killer. In the movie, everyone is trying to catch this killer and bring him to justice. *Spoiler* The killer is never caught, but the person who came closest to exposing the killer was a cartoonist for a newspaper. More than 10 years after the events, the cartoonist decides to write a book on the Zodiac killings, long after everyone else had moved on. Going through the records of the different police stations, he is able to make connections in the case that were missed in the initial investigation. The book revitalizes interest in the case and leads to the killer supposedly being identified in the 90’s, more than 20 years after the case started. It can be said that this shows the importance of archives in society.

If not for the archived data from the case, the missed connections and leads in the case would not have been found. It can also be said that the movie shows the importance of sharing data. A lot of the missed connections were missed because the data on the case was split between three different police departments. This is shown many times in the movie when the police departments are trying to share data. In a scene, the police departments are on the phone with each other. One department is complaining about never receiving data and says they will only send their data if they receive all the missing data from the other department. If all the data was not fragmented, the investigation might have gone better and the killer might have been charged.

Zodiac showed the importance of being able to go back and go over past data and files. It is the job of the archive to provide this service. The archives allow us to take a look into the past. With them, we may just be able to solve the mysteries of the past.

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