When I first opened the Humament book, I was really intrigued by the unique form of art. As I looked it up, I found that this was what they called “altered book” where someone would basically take a book and alter its meaning or appearance to make it into a new kind of media. The main purpose of “Wreck this Journal” is basically to draw/write/glue/paint/etc. on the book to make it your own. Each page has a prompt or an idea, and the rest is up to the owner of the journal. Just like the Humament, the author is able to make the book very unique, but the only difference is that the “Wreck this Journal”s are more personalized, and not sold for profit. Either way, I really admire the idea of altered books and forms of mixed media.

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  1. I think this can easily be tied to our Fanzine unit of class. Wreck this Journal isn’t made for profit as fanzines are made simply to express oneself. It’s almost like a guide to a creating your own fanzine if you have writer’s block (or artist’s block). It’s also up for interpretation of the reader; the fanzine I am studying and manipulating for the midterm and final project can be seen from many different angles and the way I analyze if affects how other people do. I chose to see Brainstorm from the perspective of a drug on the inside, while the owner of that particular journal in the image chose to made the never ending part of the instructions white space instead of the line itself. I like the “take it however you want to” approach we are seeing in some of the materials we are studying in this class.

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