“Don’t Take Life Too Seriously… No One Makes It Out Alive”

Although it may be nerve wrecking and embarrassing to get up and make a fool out of yourself in public, at the end of the day who really cares? I was really worried about the story telling assignment because I thought I would get up in front of everyone and freeze.  I found quite the opposite happened. Rather than the usual heart rate speeding up and feeling incredibly awkward like I do with oral presentations, I actually felt comfortable and enjoyed telling the story! It was great to see another side of everyone else too. I am a firm believer in being incredibly silly and ridiculous so it was very reassuring and fantastic to see everyone else acting that way too! I think we all take ourselves way too seriously sometimes and this was a nice break from the norm.  Who would’ve ever thought I’d be in a college English class relating the tale of the three little pigs? I’ve learned we’re never too old to embrace our inner child and this project let me get back in touch with mine if only for a few minutes before venturing back out into the serious “real world.”

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3 Responses to “Don’t Take Life Too Seriously… No One Makes It Out Alive”

  1. Drake Lee-Patterson says:

    Everyone did such a wonderful job!

  2. Dylan Radford says:

    Your picture is perfect! It is a very reassuring thought sometimes. I agree with what you say about the storytelling this week. It was a great opportunity to branch out and have fun with a school project. I also like to say how much imagination keeps the mind sharp! I’ll admit to enjoying even the most childish of stories, if only for the sake of story.

  3. Gina Yu says:

    I thought storytelling was more difficult that a typical oral presentations. With your standard oral presentations, its expected to informational, and usually not very interesting. But for this project, the success of your presentation was dependent on how engaging and interesting you made it for the audience. I felt the most nervous the first time I practiced my story in front of other people, but then I realized everyone had to do the same thing and was in the same situation.

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