1 WED 21 JUN Hello! Introductions. Preview of course.

Complete the Personal Info sheet and upload to T-square Drop Box. Read the syllabus carefully and sign the syllabus acknowledgment.

English class and the rhetorical triangle / Read WOVENText selection (from chapter 2, esp. pp. 33–37) / Tech’s WOVEN curriculum

Listen to “How Sound Shaped the Evolution of Your Brain” (NPR) / Hierarchy of the senses and acoustic ecology

Assign reading for Thursday.

THU 22 JUN Read R. Murray Schafer, “The Soundscape” and listening walk appendix / Read New York Times article, “Dear Architects: Sound Matters

Read through Blog Forum 1 assignment sheet and read first blog prompt

Complete the Personal Info sheet and upload to T-square Drop Box

Read the syllabus carefully and sign the syllabus acknowledgment

Syllabus Q&A

Assign Cage reading for Monday.

Assign thesis pantomime. Draft thesis due Monday.

Sound and space / Soundscape vocabulary / Listening walk


Assign Blog Forum 1 (post and comments). / The claim / posting to the blog / media elements

Listening walk. / Audio post with image due on Blog Forum by 7 p.m. on Friday June 23

 2 MON 26 JUN Read John Cage, “Manifesto” and “Lecture on Nothing.” Watch video clip from documentary film Listening (1992)

Submit source and claim to Google Drive

Blog post 1 comments due by 7 p.m. on Blog Forum

Pantomime thesis peer review

Sound and Silence / John Cage / 4’33”

Portfolio and Mahara preview

TUE 27 JUN Work on your performance plan Meet in Hall 102 (across from regular classroom)

Performance exercises with K Reynolds (second-year)

WED 28 JUN Cage debate prep readings

Submit pantomime performance plan to Google Drive

Performance Order for Thursday

Performance plan peer review

Discuss artist statement assignment

Cage debate!

THU 29 JUN Prepare thesis pantomime for videotaped performance in class Meet in Hall 102

Due in class: Thesis pantomimes! They will be videotaped.

Performance Order

 3 MON & TUE

3 & 4 JUL

WED 5 JUL Read Michel Chion, “The Three Listening Modes

Submit artist statement drafts to Google Drive

Artist statement peer review in class / Review pairs

Chion / acousmatic dimension

Watch Pina (Wim Wenders, 2011) in Hall 102

THU 6 JUL Listen to Twenty Thousand Hertz, “Foley” and “Voice Acting

Complete artist statements for submission on T-square

Artist statements (.pdf) due by 7 p.m. on T-square

Embedding image demo

Assign Blog Forum 2

Finish Pina (Wim Wenders, 2011) in Hall 102

4 MON 10 JUL Listen to Radiolab, “Musical Language” and 4.33@Tech, #justanotherday

Read 4.33@Tech group podcast assignment

Blog post 2 with embedded video still due on Blog Forum by 9 p.m.

Mediathread feedback for blog post 2

Discuss podcast assignment / assign podcast groups

Sound and voice / podcasting and radio

TUE 11 JUL Read John Durham Peters, “Radio Broadcasting as Dissemination (and Dialogue)” (pp. 206-25) Blog post 2 comments due by 7 p.m. on Blog Forum

Assignment Q&A

Discussing 4.33@Tech

Initial group meetings / Episode brainstorm

Disembodied voices / Listeners’ imagined community

WED 12 JUL Listen to 4.33@Tech, Drone

Read James Lastra, “Fidelity versus Intelligibility

Listen to Gretchen Jude, “Yoshiwara Soundwalk: Taking the Underground to the Floating World” (Sounding Out!)

Browse Eddleman, Pickerill, and Wu’s Water Acoustics

The reality effect: narrating your soundscape

Group meetings to work on pitches


  THU 13 JUL Listen to HowSound, My Kingdom for Some Structure” and “How Not to Write for Radio

Submit episode pitches on Google Drive

4.33@Tech episode pitches due in class

Pitch Evaluation Form / Response Spreadsheet

Select episodes for production

Pitch Ranking / Ranking Summary

Storyboarding and structuring your story (PPT presentation)

 5 MON 17 JUL Read Jessica Abel, “Keep or Kill: Story Structure,” from Out on the Wire

Submit storyboard drafts on Google Drive

Storyboard peer review

Group meetings to work on presentations

TUE 18 JUL Complete storyboard Prezi presentations

Listen to Ira Glass, “Ira Talks about Michael Jackson at the Academy of Arts and Letters

Storyboard presentations due in class. They will be videotaped. Submit Prezi links with Image Credit slide by midnight.

Storyboard feedback form / Feedback spreadsheet

WED 19 JUL Read Geneva Smitherman, “Soul n’ Style” I and II, English Journal The authority of the vernacular and conversational voice

Evaluation rubric (.docx / .pdf)

Group meeting to work on script

THU 20 JUL Download Audacity and LAME MP3 encoder plug-in.

Submit podcast script drafts on Google Drive

Podcast script peer review/workshop

Audacity tutorial

 6 MON 24 JUL Listen to Radio Ambulante, “Miedo/Variaciones

Prepare final script and complete podcast segment production for submission

Podcast files and final scripts due on T-square by midnight.

Group meetings to work on podcasts

Assign Final Portfolio.

TUE 25 JUL Read “To Sir, with Ratchety Love,” Regina Bradley (Sounding Out!) and AfterwordThe Sonic Color Line, Jennifer Stoever-Ackerman Group listen/critique: podcast segments

Revisiting clairaudience and authority: Stoever’s “listening ear”

Portfolio Q&A

WED 26 JUL Draft reflective essay for peer review and submit to Google Drive. Last Day of Class
Reflective Essay Draft Peer ReviewCourse evaluation
FRI 28 JUL Complete Mahara portfolio. Due on T-square by noon: Mahara portfolios .zip file and secret link