Peruse the Writing and Communication Program’s common policies for ENGL1101/1102, including Learning Outcomes, Evaluation Equivalencies, the Evaluation Rubric, Attendance, Class Participation, Nondiscrimination, the Communication Center, Accommodations, Academic Misconduct, Syllabus Modifications, Dead Week, and the Reflective Portfolio.

During the work week (Mon.–Fri.), I will make every effort to respond to email within 24 hours. If a day passes and you don’t hear from me, feel free to email me again with a gentle reminder. I likely will not respond to email over the weekend, between Friday afternoon and Monday morning.

The Writing and Communication Program’s department-wide attendance policy for the summer session allows two (2) absences for whatever reason without penalty. A third absence costs a third of letter grade on the final course grade. A total of four (4) absences merits automatic failure in the course.

The policy does not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences. A few kinds of absences are officially excused.

Though it isn’t necessary, I appreciate it when you check in before or after an absence or when you provide a note from the doctor. It lets me know that you understand your responsibility to attend and participate in class activities as well as your obligation to your classmates.

Late work
Late work is penalized in this class.
Late work turned in within 24 hours of the deadline (due date and time) will be docked a single letter grade. Late work turned in after 24 hours will receive a 0. I will consider extensions for students who contact me at least 48 hours in advance of the due date with a well-put reason for needing the extension.

Office hours
I encourage you to come to my office hours, which I hold in the Highland Bakery near Tech Tower. You can come during my regularly scheduled hours after class on Tuesday and Wednesday, or you can make an appointment for another time. When you come, you should come with a specific question about the course material or assignments. Taking advantage of office hours will improve your performance on individual assignments and in the class.