*Blog Posts (15% / 150 points)
Blog posts due on course blog: Fri. June 23 and Fri. July 7.
Comments due on course blog: Mon. June 26 and Mon. July 10.
You will write two blog posts on topics related to listening, silence, and voice. The first post will be a 60- to 90-second audio post (equivalent to 150–200 written words) in response to a prompt related to the first class readings and discussion. You will then write a 100-word comment on of your classmate’s posts. The second prompt will require a 250-word written response as well as two (2) 100-word comments on your classmates’ arguments: one (1) in direct response to a classmate’s post and one (1) in response to someone else’s comment. These posts should take advantage of the affordances of the Web-based platform: Embed links, videos, images, or references to outside sources in your posts and comments. (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, Nonverbal)

Blog post 1: 50 points
Blog post 2: 100 points

*Thesis Pantomime (200% / 200 points)
Thesis statements due in class for peer review on Mon. June 26.
Performance plans due in class for peer review on Tue. June 27.
Performances due in class for videotaping on Thu. June 29.
Artist statement drafts due for peer review in class on Wed. July 5.
Artist statements due on T-square on Thu. July 6.
The thesis pantomime is a (nearly) silent performance of a thesis argument, or claim, you take from an assignment in one of your other Tech classes, a recipe, an algorithm, or a lab experiment. To develop your performance, you will choose the source of your thesis argument, express the argument as a single complete sentence. You will then translate that sentence into a 60- to 90-second pantomime (silent performance) that enacts or illustrates the claim without any words except those of the claim itself. You must include one sound effect that cannot be a song or music. Performances will be videotaped. After your performance, you will submit a 400-word artist statement, accompanied by a captioned image/still from the performance, that explains your interpretation of the claim and your choice of movements, sounds, and scenes in your performance. (Written, Visual, Nonverbal)

Thesis pantomime: 75 points
Artist statement: 125 points

*4.33@Tech Podcast Segment | group assignment (35% / 350 points)
Episode proposals due in class for editorial workshopping on Thu. July 13.
Segment storyboard Prezi drafts due in class for peer review on Mon. July 17.
Storyboard Prezi presentations due in class for videotaping and on T-square on Tue. July 18.
Podcast script drafts due in class for peer review on Thu. July 20.
Podcast .mp3 with final script due in class on Mon. July 24.
For this assignment, you will develop a segment for an episode of 4.33@Tech, a podcast about the sound of opportunity and creativity on Georgia Tech’s campus. In groups of 3–4, you will pitch an episode topic and write a proposal pitching your idea to the class.The class will workshop each concept and then select three episodes to send into production. Each group will then be responsible for producing a 4-minute segment for one of the three green-lit episodes. Each group will present its segment storyboard to the class in the form of a Prezi for editorial feedback. Each group will then refine the storyboard based on the feedback, prepare a script with production cues, and produce the polished segment to play for the class. (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, Nonverbal)

Episode proposal: 100 points
Storyboard presentation: 100 points
Podcast segment: 100 points
Individual contribution to group success: 50 points

Final Portfolio (20% / 200 points)
Reflective essay drafts due in class for peer review on Wed., July 26.
Completed portfolio due on Mahara and as a .zip file on T-Square by noon on Fri., July 28.
At the end of the semester, you will assemble three to four artifacts from all the work you will have done over the course of the semester into a portfolio that demonstrates what you learned in the course. The portfolio will be introduced by 1200-word essay that reflects on your strengths and weaknesses in making arguments, in using modes and media, and how you’ll apply what you’ve learned to what you do next at Tech. Each artifact will also receive a short introduction. All of the WOVEN modes should be represented in your portfolio.

Participation (10% / 100 points)
Due every class period.
Don’t you dare fall asleep on us. Your success and the success of this class depends on your active participation in the community we develop. You need to listen generously and respectfully to others’ ideas, and you need to share your own, generously and respectfully.