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Awesome Millennials Beat Mars

The Martian, a movie directed by Ridley Scott, clearly shows two of the topics we have been discussing this semester in the English 1101 class: Adulting and Millennials. In the movie, Mark Watney, who is the main character, is accidentally … Continue reading

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How technology in schools is affecting kids today

http://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2014/04/my-students-dont-know-how-to-have-a-conversation/360993/ The article, “My Students Don’t Know How to Have a Conversation,” by Paul Barnwell is about how he believes that students today are unable to communicate in person due to the overuse of technology at home and in schools. … Continue reading

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The facts behind “Those tech-savvy ‘Millenials'”

The editorial I analyzed was “Those tech-savvy ‘Millenials’” by Jim Rapoza from the Eweek news source.  The link to the pdf of the editorial is: http://content.ebscohost.com/ContentServer.asp?T=P&P=AN&K=31758638&S=R&D=a9h&EbscoContent=dGJyMNXb4kSeqLY40dvuOLCmr06eqK9Sr6a4TbOWxWXS&ContentCustomer=dGJyMOXf8km549%2BB7LHjgO3p8gAA This editorial’s main argument is that “Managing IT workers born after 1980 takes the least work.” In other words, Millennials are … Continue reading

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Dawn of a New Age

We are the millennials. But what does that mean? The Oxford Dictionary defines “millennial” as a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. I believe this word doesn’t just categorize a group of people born during a certain … Continue reading

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What shaped the Millennials?

Often compared to the Baby Boomers, Millennial is another generation born at the end of 20th century. Apart from the sheer numbers of each age group, the two generations still share a lot of similarities in their background: The Boomers … Continue reading

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