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Adulting in Space

‘The Martian’ begins by showing a manned mission to Mars. The story truly begins when a storm hits the base camp, and threatens the integrity of the spacecraft. One of the crew members, Mark Watney, is blown away in the … Continue reading

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It’s a Jungle Out There

Adulting is an odd concept. It’s obvious, perhaps even uninteresting, that we grow up. However, when we inspect this process and try to dissect it, we begin to view growing up as ‘adulting’: a far more complex issue, much of … Continue reading

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How Adulthood Doesn’t Happen

Title of Editorial: How Adulthood Happens (by David Brooks) As a whole, Brooks’s article argues that the current generation of college students and young adults in the workforce (i.e. millennials) has traits unique to them, and as a consequence, coming of … Continue reading

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Common Understanding Redefined

Johnson, Monica Kirkpatrick, Berg Justin Allen, and Sirotzki Toni. “Differentiation in Self-Perceived Adulthood: Extending the Confluence Model of Subjective Age Identity.” Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 70, No.3, American Sociological Association, Sep. 2007, pp. 243-61. Accessed 11 Sep 2016. http://www.jstor.org/stable/20141787 The authors, professors … Continue reading

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Coming of Age – A pixelated journey

I had always thought defining when I had come of age would be a simple enough matter. Like every other male in Singapore, I was to be conscripted once I turned 18. When that time finally came along, I was … Continue reading

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