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The Long Way

source of photo Imagine being stranded on Mars. By yourself. Knowing that you will likely starve to death before rescue gets here. The movie The Martian talks about an astronaut Mark Watney’s journey on Mars and the challenges he conquers to … Continue reading

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The Martian and Independence

In the movie The Martian, Mark Watney is an astronaut that gets stranded on Mars after a storm takes place and the rest of the crew left him because they thought he died. However, Watney survived the storm and was … Continue reading

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Going Off to College is One of the Hardest Transitions

This film project has given our class not only the opportunity to strengthen and utilize our multimodal elements, but also take a deeper look on how we have adjusted to college on a personal level. Within our group, we hope … Continue reading

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Friday, September 16

In class today, we worked on a warm-up that was pulled from the podcast you listened to for Wednesday: describe parenting today in 4 words. We talked a bit about the experience of the online class that we all participated … Continue reading

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Sources discussing independence and responsibilities of this generation

(All my work citations are on the last page and my summary is below the analysis of the third source.)       First I want to talk about the article, “This Is What ‘Adulting’ Means”, written by Katy Steinmetz, … Continue reading

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Teenagers are Adults, and Here is the Proof

Polach, Janet. “Understand the Experience of College Graduates During Their First Year of Employment”. Human Resource Development Quareterly, vol 15, no. 1, Wiley Periodicals, inc., Spring 2004, pp. 5-23. EBSCO, http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/search/basic?sid=3cc6c745-2a23-4600-a14d-77225b8b7803%40sessionmgr104&vid=0&hid=115. | The article interviews college students after their first … Continue reading

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Entering the Realm of Adulthood

When I was in second grade, I formally announced to my uninterested peers that I was going to be a racecar driver when I grew up. I spent most of my class time drawing pictures of cars and planning out … Continue reading

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Adulthood: An Individual’s Perspective

My Birthday is now in 21 days. I will be 18. I am approaching what is the legal marker of adulthood, however It doesn’t feel like it.  There are finally things I can do legally like get a tattoo or … Continue reading

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Constructing and Deconstructing Adults

Sources: Steven Mintz, Prime of Life HAVEN: Understanding Sexual Assault https://platform.everfi.net/curriculum/show?enrollment_id=10044637 http://www.readanybook.com/online/565515 “Adulting: How To Become A Grown-Up In 468 Easy(Ish) Steps.” Publishers Weekly 260.10 (2013): 54. Academic Search Complete. Web. 7 Sept. 2016. Time magazine: The Surprising Benefits of … Continue reading

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Bashing Yourself Into Adulthood

The change from adolescence to adulthood has been recognized as an important stage of personal development. I like to think of adulthood as the process through which someone manages to assume all responsibilities regarding themselves and their actions. At the … Continue reading

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