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The Long Way

source of photo Imagine being stranded on Mars. By yourself. Knowing that you will likely starve to death before rescue gets here. The movie The Martian talks about an astronaut Mark Watney’s journey on Mars and the challenges he conquers to … Continue reading

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The Fourth: Analysis on “The Monster at the End of This Book”

A fourth wall refers to the invisible, imagined wall that separates the actors from the audience. Breaking the fourth wall means that the actors are aware of their fictitious existence and communicates directly with the audience. Jon Stone breaks the … Continue reading

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Leaving Home. Growing Up

    This is what it feels like…

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The Cheapeast Generation: the Millennials

This article is from The Atlantic, written by Derek Thompson and Jordan Weismann. It discusses the millennial’s place in this consumerism driven worlds. Editorial Fact Check Response Claim1: The fact is, today’s young people simply don’t drive like their predecessors did. Evidence1: “In … Continue reading

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Millennial Perspectives on Gender Roles

Winograd, Morley, and Hais, Michael D. “Race? No, Millennials Care Most About Gender Equality.” The Atlantic, 25 October 2013, Accessed 18 September 2016. In this article, Winograd and Hais discuss how the millennial perspectives on gender roles differ from … Continue reading

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Dawn of a New Age

We are the millennials. But what does that mean? The Oxford Dictionary defines “millennial” as a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. I believe this word doesn’t just categorize a group of people born during a certain … Continue reading

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