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The Martian and Independence

In the movie The Martian, Mark Watney is an astronaut that gets stranded on Mars after a storm takes place and the rest of the crew left him because they thought he died. However, Watney survived the storm and was … Continue reading

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The Dot and the Line Picture Book Analysis

The Dot and the Line: A Romance in Lower Mathematics by Norton Juster is one of my favorite stories. The story line is fairly simple, a line falls in love with a dot, but the dot is in love with … Continue reading

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Choosing which College to Attend Artistic Statement

When thinking about the topic of the video project, my group had various ideas about the coming of age, but we ultimately decided that some advice we wished we knew two years ago would be about college. However, the entire … Continue reading

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Millennials Don’t Suck (Fact Check)

Editorial (I’m a millennial and my generation sucks written by Johnny Oleksinski): Summary: This article’s looks at the millennial generation from the eyes of a millennial. The article claims that millennials are entitled, lazy, self-absorbed, and irresponsible. The author … Continue reading

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Millennials Used as a Historical Lens: Annotated Bibliography

Conover, Adam. “Millennials Don’t Exist! Adam Conover at Deep Shift”. YouTube, 19 Mar. 2016, Adam Conover takes a controversial stance that millennials don’t exist in the sense that the stereotype of a millennials being egocentric and always on their … Continue reading

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Am I an adult? Yes, No, Maybe? (Vlog Post)

Resources: Steven Mintz, Prime of Life (Page 4) Christopher Noxan, Rejuvenile (Pages 9, 172)

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