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Analysis: The Little Engine That Could

Watty Piper’s the little engine that could is a children’s story book that has survived the passage of time about a little train engine that manages to pull a large amount of cargo. This image of The Little Engine That Could is presented … Continue reading

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My Gap Year

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Millennials and Marijuana

The article “The Public Lightens Up About Weed” by Juliet Lapidos posted in the New York Times talks about the change in the point of view of the general public regarding the use of marihuana along the end of the … Continue reading

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Millennials From an Economic Perspective

Kellison, Timothy B, Kim, Yu Kyoum and Magnusen, Marshall J. “The Work Attitudes of Millenials in Collegiate Recreational Sports”. Journal of                Park and Recreation Administration, Ebscohost, Department of Sport Management (Florida State University), Department of Health, Human Performance, and … Continue reading

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Bashing Yourself Into Adulthood

The change from adolescence to adulthood has been recognized as an important stage of personal development. I like to think of adulthood as the process through which someone manages to assume all responsibilities regarding themselves and their actions. At the … Continue reading

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