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The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could, by Platt and Munk, is a classic childhood picture book about believing in yourself. A circus group is in travel over a large hill to go perform when the large and spectacular train carrying them, … Continue reading

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How do you do Acting?

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“Coming of Age at at Sour Time” – Fact Check

Summary: The editorial, “Coming of Age at a Sour Time,” by Chrystia Freeland, discusses the problems and potential culture change on the horizon for millennials. Freeland contends the financial hole the baby boomers created will drastically damage the economic standings … Continue reading

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Coming of Age Around the World

Kerka, Sandra. The Balancing Act of Adult Life. Eric Digests no. 229, ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult Career and Vocational Education, Summer 2001, Columbus, OH The article recognizes the changes in role expectations for adults and compiles different adult educational approaches … Continue reading

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Hop Off Hollywood

Today‚Äôs pop culture constantly bombards us with messages telling about coming of age. Be it through movies, music, trending products, they all aim to shape our view of the teenage experience before we enter it. They lead us to believe … Continue reading

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