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A Picture Book isn’t childish in content: an analysis of “I need my Monster” by Amanda Noll

Although picture books are typically structured towards younger children (preschoolers and whatnot), the concept behind the picture book, as well as specific intricacies and peculiarities regarding the design of every page, is extremely complicated. In the world of drama, they say … Continue reading

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Expectations of the Group Video – do kids need to do chores?

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Are our parents to blame for not growing up?

In this blog post, I will be analyzing the article ‘Why Millennials Can’t Grow Up’. Written by NYC-based psychotherapist Brooke Donatone for Slate news, this article looks at the effects of 21st century Helicopter Parenting on “growing up” and the embarrassing and negative impacts … Continue reading

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Sources that provide a cultural perspective on the “coming-of-age”

  Campbell, Joseph. “On Becoming an Adult.” Joseph Campbell Foundation, 1 Jul. 2010. YouTube, Accessed 11 September 2016. This interview segment with respected mythologist Joseph Campbell delves into the more cultural aspects of “coming-of-age” and the long-instilled “mythical” background … Continue reading

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Blurring the Lines, or: how I have to stay sober for 3 more years before I become an adult again

The concept of “coming of age” has long been recognised as a transitional period between childhood and adulthood – a certain ‘line’ to cross into maturity, if you will. Yet, finding a definitive point as to “becoming an adult,” has never been … Continue reading

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