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Simplicity Is Just As Powerful

One of the books that I vividly remember reading during my childhood was “ The Giving Tree”. Built on the idea of loyalty and a constant grip on hope, Shel Silverstein’s book uses short phrases, a wide layout, and a … Continue reading

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Each Facet of a Group Project Teaches a Valuable Lesson

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We Aren’t THAT Bad Right? In this article by Johnny Oleksinski, he relentlessly maligns this generation. He points out all the negative and malignant traits that come with our generation. Johnny espouses his level of shame and embarrassment injected into him when he sees … Continue reading

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It’s More Than What Happens on the Outside

1.) Steinmetz, Katy. “This is What ‘Adulting’ Means”. Academic Search Complete. 116070434. 6/9/2016. This definition is a combination of other sources as well as inferences from the author herself. Adulting is given the definition of requiring young people … Continue reading

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Coming of Age: Physically – Yes, Mentally – Mayyybe

Over the years, coming of age has gained MANY different meanings. From the idea that coming of age only refers to physical stature to the added complexity through emphasis on mental development as well, “coming of age”‘s definition has been … Continue reading

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