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The Importance of The Human Mind in Development

The picture book that I have chosen for my fifth blog post is “Harold and the Purple Crayon”. Throughout this story Harold (the main character) creates the world around him using a crayon. While the art style does not necessarily … Continue reading

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A Quick Update on How I Think the Video Project will Progress.

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Do Millennials Care Too Much About What People Call Them?

Article: Summary: Millennials are leaning more towards the conservative side of issues. The rules of being a liberal have changed from what they were in the 60s and 70s into a tyranical force that is pushing millennials towards the conservative … Continue reading

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How the Millennials Are Different from Previous Generations

Hobart, John W. and Sendek, Herb. Key Skills. Gen Y Now: Millennials and the Evolution of Leadership, 2nd Edition, Wiley, April 2014, pp. 91-103. The chapter “Key Skills” in this book describes what the author believes are eight important … Continue reading

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The Difference Between the Technical Definition and the Actual Definition of “Coming of Age”

We as a human race have constructed a social reality on when one transitions from adolescence to adulthood. In America, we have given a strict technical definition that changes depending on the cultural reality that once a person turns 18 … Continue reading

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