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I ain’t sorry

A few months ago, one of America’s most iconic female artist released an innovative surprise to her fans and followers. Beyonce’s Lemonade is a revolutionary film and music series that follows her journey of dealing with the betrayal of her … Continue reading

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Expectations vs. Reality


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If the boomers could do it, Millennials can do it.

These kids today: The millennials will inherit the earth. We’ll all be fine.¬†¬†This editorial primarily discusses the idea that world will survive in the hands of millennials, just as the world survived in the hands of baby boomers, and generations … Continue reading

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Eating habits, cell phone habits, adulating habits

Ballingall, Jayne and Maria-Irini Avgoulas. “What Influences Independent, Young Adults’ Food Choices”. International Journal of Health, Wellness, and Society, Academic Search Complete, Volume 6, Issue 2, Common Ground Publishing, June 2016, p. 73-82. This article discusses the transition of high … Continue reading

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Three weeks later, and I’m still an adult

Right before I arrived at Georgia Tech, I was positive I was already an adult. I was sure I knew exactly what an adult was- someone who could make decisions on his/her own and be completely independent all the time. … Continue reading

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