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“A Brilliant Mind” and Its Structures

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Working in Teams: A Reflection

Filming videos for school is not an extremely new concept for me; I have grown up in technology-savvy classrooms and have had team projects like this before. Although, high school video projects tend to be a lot easier than college … Continue reading

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It’s Not Our Fault! A Response to an Explanation that Actually Makes Sense.

Millennials always seem to be the heart of the problem, according to other generations; however, there are reasons to why we aren’t living up to the expectations of Baby Boomers or Generation X’ers. This article, titled “We’re Making Life to … Continue reading

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“Gone Adulting: The Elongated Process of Growing Up” Bibilography (Draft)

Works Cited Artz, Sibylle, and Daniel G. Scott. “Rites of Passage: A Conversation on Becoming Adult.” Springer Science & Business Media, Victoria. EBSCO Host, Originally published in Child & Youth Care Forum, vol. 27, no. 5, Oct. 1998, pp. … Continue reading

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To Be or Not to Be (an Adult): That is the Question

“Adult”: the word you keep hearing repeatedly now that you’re 18, the word your parents threaten you with when you make a lowsy decision, the word that sums up what your future should look like. But what does it mean … Continue reading

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