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No, David

*Disclaimer: I searched everywhere for a PDF of the book with no success and the best I could find was a Youtube video with the pictures of the book, so I just took a screenshot of those.* The book I … Continue reading

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College Applications? Worth It

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Mental Adulthood vs. Social Adulthood

In this article, Julie Beck of the Atlantic argues that adulthood is a “social construct” in which society chooses when one becomes an adult instead of the individual person doing so, but down the line it seems she ends up switching … Continue reading

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Emerging Adults vs. The World

Steinmetz, Katy. “This Is What ‘Adulting’ Means.”, 9 Jun. 2016, Galileo, Accessed 9 Sep. 2016 Steinmetz’s article tells us what the term “adulting” means and uses other references to back her points up. She even compares adults now … Continue reading

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Tonight, We Are Young

One of my favorite songs (We Are Young by Fun) is a ballad directed right at adulthood. It reinforces this fact: adulthood is not a certain age range or period of your life, but it is simply a mindset that … Continue reading

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