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Space movies are the best movies

After I saw the prompt for this extra credit blog, I was super excited. The Martian is one of my favorites movies of all time and now I get to write about it and analyze it. One of the most … Continue reading

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Analysis of Oh, the Places you’ll go

I remember the first day of school in kindergarten, the teacher gathered all of us up and read to us a couple of books. I specifically remember my favorite being the classic Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! … Continue reading

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Reflecting on our group video project so far

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Fact check – Corporate America chases the Mythical Millenial

link to the editorial Claim 1: Millennials don’t read the news Evidence 1: “I can predict all this because I work in the news media, and one of the primary functions of the media these days is to traffic in … Continue reading

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Defining “coming of age” and what it means to become an adult

Source 1 Larson, Scott. “Risk taking and Rites of passage.” Larson, Scott. “Risk Taking And Rites Of Passage.” Reclaiming Children & Youth 20.4 (2012): 37-40. Academic Search Complete. (EBSCO) In this article, Larson mainly talks about how there are different rites … Continue reading

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“Adulting” The beginning of a new life

I don’t think there is a specific age where people start to become an adult. Everyone has different experiences in which defines when they start to learn what it means to be an adult. When people get into their teens, … Continue reading

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