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Corduroy Design Choices

Corduroy, a children’s picture book written by Don Freeman, uses a lot of captivating design choices that achieve an effortless look, but were well thought out to enhance his illustrations. In this two page spread of his book, Freeman writes … Continue reading

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Group Video Project Reflection: More Responsibility

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No, you really are a millennial.

Link to my editorial (click on picture): My marked up text: editorial Claims & Evidence: Claim 1 (True): “I (the author) am a millennial” (para 1). Evidence: “Anyone born between 1981 and 1997 has been thrust into that category, and I … Continue reading

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How cultural factors influence emerging adults–annotated bibliography

Germain, Carel B. “Rites of Passage: Adolescence in America, 1790 to the Present.” Oxford Journals, Ebscohost, Vol. 23 Issue 1, p73, Jan1978, This article explains how the roles of young adults in society are changing because of economic factors … Continue reading

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Mom I bought a house!!!

Growing up does not happen in one day, or two, or three. In my opinion it is very gradual. In my personal experience I have grown up in a multitude of ways. I saved up for my own car, I … Continue reading

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