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No Boos for Click, Clack, Moo


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How To Create A Video With A Team

Currently, the group video production process is very aggravating. The project is very time consuming, and it’s a pain to schedule times where everyone can meet. For example, this week focuses on Homecoming, so events/competitions are taking place to commemorate the occasion. I’m in … Continue reading

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The Me, Me, Me Generation Gets Fact Checked

My marked up text Joel Stein’s editorial in Times Magazine was written in May of 2013, and it serves to generalize millennials through statistics and testimonies from professional sources. Claim 1: “The incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as … Continue reading

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3 Sources To Help Define a Millennial

Taylor, Paul. “The Kids Are All Left.” Time Magazine, 22-29 Feb. 2016, pp 35-41, Time Inc, 2016. Academic Search Complete (EBSCO),  This article focuses on millennials and how important they are to the upcoming election. Millennials recently became the largest age … Continue reading

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Millennials – A Misunderstood Generation

Being a millennial, I could be considered either the most qualified to define a member of my generation or the least qualified. C.S. Lewis once said that the only thing you can really understand is yourself (of course, this is … Continue reading

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