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Frog and Toad: A Masterpiece for Young Readers

I created a Vlog for this blog post. Enjoy! If embedded video does not work, click here.

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A Masterpiece in Progress

When a teacher assigns a new major project, I immediately consider the amount of stress and work that project will take to complete.¬†I am rarely excited to begin the long and complicated process of beginning a new project. And yet, … Continue reading

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It’s hard to fact check when the editorial includes no facts…

These kids today: The millennials will inherit the Earth. We’ll all be fine. (If hyperlink fails, direct link at bottom) The article is an editorial describing the modern opinion on the millennial generation, and how the world perceives the generation … Continue reading

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“Generation M” Annotated Bib (Draft)

De Hauw, Sara and Ans de Vos. “Millennials’ Career Perspective and Psychological Contract Expectations: Does Recession Lead to Lowered Expectations.”¬†Journal of Business and Psychology, vol. 25, no. 2, 2010, pp. 293-302. JSTOR, This article describes the attitudes of the … Continue reading

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Entering the Realm of Adulthood

When I was in second grade, I formally announced to my uninterested peers that I was going to be a racecar driver when I grew up. I spent most of my class time drawing pictures of cars and planning out … Continue reading

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