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Corduroy’s lost button

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The College Application Process

I think that this project will allow us to portray our view of the college application process and actually show the different feeling that we went through during different points in the process. We try to show the mindset of … Continue reading

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Millennials Are NOT The Worst Generation

Original Article Markup Claim 1: “They Think Colbert Should Be President.” Evidence: – “19 percent of millennials say that they’d like to see him as president, versus 17 percent each for Jon Stewart and Tina Fey. Dave Chappelle clocks in … Continue reading

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The expanding of emerging adulthood

Artz, Sibylle , et al. “Rites of Passage: A Conversation on Becoming Adult.” Child & Youth Care Forum, Vol. 27, Issue 5, Oct. 1998, pp. 355-377. This article goes into the traditions of other countries and also social constructs before … Continue reading

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“Adulting” vs. Adult

Many young Millennials use the term “adulting” when they think they are acting like an adult. Being an adult is much more than what is considered “adulting”. When someone is “adulting” they are just performing a task that is commonly … Continue reading

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