Monday, December 5: Last day of class

Today is our last day of class; I hope you all have enjoyed this semester as much as I have and have learned more about yourselves, the process of coming of age, and the meaning of “adulting.” dontwanttogo

I am also very much looking forward to reading your picture books, which you turned in at the start of class today, along with your artists’ statements (which you should have turned in to TSquare at the start of class as well, 1 per team). If you would like me to make page by page comments on your picture books, please include a note inside the front cover with a post-it indicating the person who plans to pick up the book, so I can email you when comments are ready and arrange a time to return it. Otherwise, I will upload more general comments to TSquare for each team.

Today in class, we will discuss the final portfolios again, focusing specifically on the reflective essay portion of the assignment. We will go over the portion of the assignment sheet (available on TSquare) that specifically addresses the content of the essay, as well as discussing the ways to incorporate evidence and multimodality into your essay on Mahara. We also looked at the course outcomes and Common Policies to help you formulate your arguments and to be sure you can articulate the goals of the course appropriately for your essay. Hopefully by now you have an idea of what you want to argue and the artifacts and process documents you want to use to support that argument.

We also discussed the final exam schedule and discussed the ways in which I can be available to students to discuss questions or concerns in the next two weeks (office hours/online office hours).


  1. Complete the CATME assessment of your picture book team by 11:55pm this evening.
  2. Complete your Multimodal Reflection Portfolio and submit it to TSquare (.zip file and link) NO LATER THAN the end of your exam period for this class (you are welcome to turn it in earlier). Instructions for generating the .zip file and link are on the assignment sheet.
    1. Section C2: Monday December 12 by 11:00am
    2. Section J5: Monday, December 12 by 2:30pm
    3. Section B2: Wednesday, December 14 by 11:00am
  3. Complete the CIOS survey for this course
  4. Double-check your gradebook for any missing grades or grades that appear to have errors and email me no later than December 9 to ensure timely corrections.


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