When all hope is gone

‘You just begin. You do the math. You solve one problem and you solve the next one, and then the next. And if you solve enough problems, you get to come home.’ Mark says at the end of the movie The Martian.


It is true, for a man who lives alone on the Mars. There are only two options, to solve problems to live, or to die. It is true for our lives, as well.


It reminds of the daily schedule I made at the beginning of the semester. I made a time table for study, practicing the guitar, reading and jogging every day. I stuck with it for several weeks and found it. However, I was stopped by all kinds of excuses. Tiredness, tests, and dues became things that is dragging me from pursuing my goals. ‘Let’s restart my schedule from tomorrow, tomorrow is a whole new start,’ are the words that haunted me. Meanwhile, there were always new excuses I found to waste another day. Tomorrow, has been a day that was so close but never came. My problem, was left unsolved.


On the other hand, Mark stayed positive toward problems and solved them one by one in such a solitary condition. Growing potatoes for food, producing water for life, and planning for his way back home, Mark solved the problems he was facing with calm. If he does not solve these problems, death is waiting for him on the other end.


In our lives, every one of our downsides, is a problem left to be solved. Although nothing will happen if these problems are left unsolved, once we solve them, we perfect ourselves a little bit. There might be many things that bothers us on the way, yet we just need to focus on the present. Start with the first problem, and a better self gets one step closer to us.


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