The Martian


Earlier today I watched the fantastic movie, The Martian. This is probably one of my favorite movies and one of the best that I have seen in a long time. In this movie, Watney has to go through a lot of adversities in order to stay alive while on mars including: survival and isolation. After watching this movie I realized that the things he had to go through while on mars wasn’t much different than what I had to go through once I got into college.

The picture above is one of my favorite scenes in the movie because it is when Watney used the supplies that he had to create a room where he could grow potatoes. When I saw this I immediately thought about what we have learned this year in English. Once Watney was left alone he had to do everything on his own and learn how to survive in his new environment. This scene reminded me of what it was like my first week of college. Similarly to Watney, I was initially with my crew (my family) and once we were separated I had to learn to do things on my own, in a new way. I didn’t experience survival to the extent that Watney experienced it, but one of the main things I had to learn was how/when to provide food for myself. Between sports and classes it’s hard to find time to eat.

Once Watney is separated from his crew, he has no other form of human interaction. When I got to college I wasn’t able to bring all of my friends with me. I still had human interaction, but it’s easy to feel isolated in a new and stressful environment when you came from a familiar environment. Watney was able to cope with his isolation through technology. He was able to record all of his experiences and used the recorder as his companion. My isolation wasn’t this severe and I don’t talk to my computer to make myself feel better, but I was thankful to have my brother and my teammates.

Watney experienced many hardships in his new and uninhabited environment. It’s easy to relate to Watney when you’re a freshmen in college because college is a new forefront to explore, but often comes with difficulties. Watney also shows how to cope and successfully hurdle these adversities. I love The Martian because Watney is a character I can easily identify with and I also feel that any freshman in college would agree.


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