The Martian and Independence

In the movie The Martian, Mark Watney is an astronaut that gets stranded on Mars after a storm takes place and the rest of the crew left him because they thought he died. However, Watney survived the storm and was forced to survive on Mars by using science to grow his own food. Against all odds, Watney was able to survive independent of all other life while Earth worked on a rescue mission. Watney lived all alone on Mars, and thus had to be independent.


Since Watney lived on his own, he had two options, just live off the food he had left and then die of hunger, or use the potatoes in the food supply to start a farm and live off the grown food. Watney became independent of everyone else, he had to do everything to keep his body going all by himself.

In a way, I find that Watney being on Mars all alone, and having to be independent can be related to becoming an adult. Since I have come to college, I have realized that I have to become more independent. I don’t have my mom anymore, and usually my mom would make meals, but now I have to remember to actually go and eat because there have been days where I have just been super busy, and I just forget that I need to eat, so I end up not eating at all. Thus, like Watney has to be independent and grow his own food, I now have to be independent and remember to eat meals.In addition to remembering to have to eat, there have also been days at college where I have been completely lonely, and it kind of feels like I’m the only person on the planet. Thus, I feel as though Watney being all alone on Mars parallels moving on to college because just as Watney had to be independent, we must learn to become independent as well.

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