Space movies are the best movies

After I saw the prompt for this extra credit blog, I was super excited. The Martian is one of my favorites movies of all time and now I get to write about it and analyze it. One of the most obvious trait that Marc Watney, the main character in the movie, has is resilience. Although he’s stuck on a completely different planet all by himself, he finds ways to survive until the rescue team got there. He was able to be independent and solve problems all by himself when he couldn’t come in contact with people on Earth. For example, in the beginning, the biggest issue he had was food, so he counted up all the food he had. Of course food will eventually run out, so he came up with the idea to grow the potatoes he had on the mars soil.gif1

He kept solving problem and problem until he was able to reestablish connection with earth. However, after getting back in touch with Earth, it seemed like that was when his resilience was truly tested. He had the help of pretty much the most brilliant minds on Earth, but some things just couldn’t be helped. For example, when his potato farm was destroyed by that storm, he had to limit himself to extremely small portions or he would run out of food.

Another thing about Mark Watney is that he’s generally a funny, sarcastic guy. Even when things are extremely tough and seems like there’s no hope, he’s still able to crack out jokes and be in character. That says a lot about conforming to social roles as a part of growing up. Sure, he may be act silly sometimes, but he still gets what he needs to get done in order to survive while still being himself.


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