Reflection of the movie–The Martian

I watched the fantastic movie called The Martian a year ago and learned a lot from it. This fictional film tells a story about the main protagonist, Mark Watney, who was left on Mars accidentally by his crewmates during a fierce storm and was presumed dead by all people. The story then goes through his experience of trying all kinds of methods to survive on Mars, which shows his perseverance, optimism, and creativity explicitly.


After being left on Mars, Mark checked his food storage and found that the food left in the spaceship is so limited that could not support his living. Instead of being pessimistic, Mark applied his knowledge as a botanist and succeeded in growing potatoes on Mars. He also used his creativity to build an equipment to produce clean water by burning the useless hydrogen left in the spaceship. Unfortunately, his planting room was later destroyed by the pressure inconsistency and he is again facing severe starvation. However, he succeeded in contacting with people on earth and he is told that crewmates are going back to save him. Mark drove his solar-powered car every day for a long distance to test the geographical features in preparation of his survival plan. And finally, after over 550 solar days, he is survived and come back to the earth.


Despite the fictional property of the movie itself, I think this situation also takes place in the reality. There are many children and teenagers facing negative experience every day; such as huge family changes, natural disaster or even social turbulence. However, when facing these disasters, people act differently. Some of them could still live with a positive mind and try their best to change their situations; just like the main character, Liz Murray, in the movie Homeless to Harvard. In contrast, some people become pessimistic about their life and give up trying a bit. In the film, Mark remains optimistic when he is in a situation with hardly any possibility of survival, but he never gives up.

Due to the fictional scenes in this movie, teenagers would occupy a large portion of its audience; since the essential qualities the film is teaching people perseverance, optimism, and creativity, it may help a lot of people who are entering adulthood to learn about these three qualities.


In all, this is quite an educative film that I recommend to all young people.


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