Milestone of adulting is not limited to age–reflection of The Martian

I think The Martian is a great movie that can have positive effects on teenagers. Take myself as an example, whenever I feel like this is so hard and that there is no way for me to accomplish this, I think of Mark Watney. He used his  intelligence and inner strength to save himself out of the terrible situation, which is been left on the Mars alone without enough materials to support his life. Instead of giving up totally or hoping that some miracles would happen,

He forced himself to calm down and think though all the resources he need in order to survive and then tried to communicate with the control center located on the earth.

There are so many times that the possibility of surviving was so tiny that he almost gave up but did not do so. I think that how he solved problems is a good example of what an adult should do. Instead of giving up, denying problems, trying to avoid problems, he faced the problems directly, make greatest use of his knowledge, available resources to do something that looks impossible but is actually feasible. He used the skills and knowledge he gained as a mechanical engineer and botanist to generate life essentials and communication methods step by step.

We cannot say that astronaut Mark Watney was not an adult before experiencing the journey, but clearly he became more of an adult after coming back from the Mars. This make me start to wondering, is “adulting” strictly refers to the process during which children become adults, or can also refer to whatever process during which people become stronger and more capable of taking charge of their lives.

After watching the film, I realize that the milestone of adulting is not limited to age. Any significant changes or incidences that happen in one’s life can be seen as an adulting milestone.The experience of being left on mars and strong will of surviving inspired him to be a person with stronger will, which is hard to imagine when he was just a “slightly clever” astronaut.

This film show that difficult problems and situations that seem impossible to solve can inspire people’s inner strength and full potential and help people shape their personality , make them tougher people than they used to be. Maybe parents can use this method to shape their children’s personalities.

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