I ain’t sorry

A few months ago, one of America’s most iconic female artist released an innovative surprise to her fans and followers. Beyonce’s Lemonade is a revolutionary film and music series that follows her journey of dealing with the betrayal of her husband Jay-Z, who cheated on her in the previous years. The words of the songs describe different emotions she felt during her rough patch, ultimately ending with the idea that she is an independent woman who doesn’t actually need a man to make her happy or to be successful. With the idea of independence, she also encourages and inspires people of her race and gender to have an attitude and stance similar to hers.

Beyonce mentions in multiple songs that she doesn’t need a man to be successful, claiming she is already successful on her own. In “Sorry”, she says “I ain’t thinking about you, I ain’t sorry, I ain’t sorry” to clearly get her point across that her husband, who failed her as a partner, no longer means anything to her, and she can handle life on her own. She also poses in front of a large suburban type car at one point to prove that she can be rich and successful on her own.

Also in the video, is a plethora of women.  Beyonce includes this demographic to show that she is not the nly woman that can be completely independent, but that every woman like her and in her situation can do the same.

This video includes crazy outfits and scenes, enforcing the fact that Beyonce and her crew are incredibly talented people. This shows that although her husband is a successful artist, she is too. In fact, if you ask me, Beyonce is even better. I fully understood her point made in the video, and she is the most independent figure I know and recognize in America today, artistic wise.unknown

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