Friday, December 2

1_welcome-december-1h8xpy2Welcome to December everyone!

Only one class period remains after today, so we are starting to look ahead to finals. Today in class, we went over the basic functions of Mahara and a few tips on how to best use that platform to design your final reflective portfolios. Remember, if you get stuck, the assignment sheet for the final portfolio (available on TSquare) has a lot of the instructions that we went over in class today, along with sample portfolios (which don’t include the required Project 0 page, so be careful when using those as examples!)

We also talked through some of the possible combinations of artifacts and process documents that you could use as evidence to support a wide variety of arguments that you might include in your reflective essay, such as “I improved my visual design skills over the course of the semester” or “I got better at incorporating research into a variety of multimodal projects” or “Through the use of various video projects, I improved my oral, nonverbal and organizational skills.” Be thinking about the argument that you want to make in your reflective essay as you are selecting your artifacts and the process documents for your portfolio.

We will talk in greater detail about the reflective essay in class on Monday; if you come to class with a sense of the argument you want to make and the artifacts you want to use as evidence to support that argument, you will be in great shape for Monday’s workshop.

Also on Monday, your picture books and artist statements will be due; you will need to turn in the picture book (1 copy per group) at the start of class and your team’s artist statement (1 copy per group) to TSquare.


  1. Finish the Picture Book and Artists Statement, due at the start of class Monday. Be sure to review the assignment sheet if you have any questions.
  2. Begin thinking about the argument you want to make in your final portfolio re: how the work you did this semester demonstrates the ways you developed as a communicator. This argument should use the artifacts you plan to include in your portfolio as evidence and examples of your growth as a communicator. We will talk specifically about the Reflection Essay portion of your portfolio in class on Monday.
  3. Begin designing and building your artifact pages in the Mahara portfolio and incorporating multimodal elements and process documents into each page. You may also want to start composing your one paragraph introductions and bullet point reflections for each artifact.


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