“Everywhere I go, I am the first.”

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        Ridley Scott’s The Martian tells a gripping, emotional story about Mark Watney’s journey living on Mars. Watney is originally stranded on Mars by his crewmates after being assumed dead in an accident, and has to survive on Mars until a crew is able to save his life. Watney is the only person on the entire planet of Mars, and must achieve the impossible- survive on Mars.

Watney undergoes several of the “adulting” themes that we have talked about this semester even though he is a grown man who has been an adult for years. When Watney is stranded on Mars he is left alone without any immediate communications with humanity and must endeavor entirely by himself. I would say this correlates to how many students feel like when they transition to live independently in college. Watney’s situation is much more severe than college students who can easily just call home to talk to family, but there are some similarities. Watney has to learn through several experiences while he is on Mars. He blows up his contraption when he attempts to create his own water, learns to ration his food, and manages to grow potato crops on Mar’s soil. Any child who is transitioning to an adult has to undergo several challenges and learn how to mature from all the experience.

I find the overall resonating message from this film is that anything is possible when you have strong resilience and persevere through anything. The majority of Watney’s food supply was entirely destroyed after an accident, but instead of calling quits, he worked harder to survive. An essential part to growing up is never giving up even though the situation may seem bleak which is something every adult has been though in their life.

My favorite part of the movie is when Watney is sitting down staring at the Mar’s horizon and there is a voiceover that says “Everywhere I go, I am the first”. This is true for Watney since regardless what he does he is the first to do that task on Mars. I take this quote to be much deeper than it appears. This quote sums up a goal which everyone in life should have. Everyone has the ability to do something that has never been done before, and by persevering anything can be accomplished.

Overall, The Martian touches a lot of themes related to growing up and becoming an adult even though the movie is about space. The transition to adulthood has several twists and turns similar to Watney’s journey on Mars, but is it how you deal with them that determines your maturity into an adult.


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