Awesome Millennials Beat Mars

The Martian, a movie directed by Ridley Scott, clearly shows two of the topics we have been discussing this semester in the English 1101 class: Adulting and Millennials. In the movie, Mark Watney, who is the main character, is accidentally trapped on Mars because of a storm. His crew thought he had disappeared and had died, so they lost all hope and went back to Earth; however, Mark had not.


As Mark was all alone and stranded in Mars, he had to become independent and persistent in order to survive. Thus, Mark, who was already an adult, became even more mature due to the circumstances. He could have been a mediocre and just wait until the food and supplies were over and die, but instead, Mark used some potatoes and built up a little farm to grow more food. All of this, of course, was partly due to the advances in technology. This relates to our generation in the sense that Millennials are wise problem solvers who never give up, and also in that we are very technology dependent.


Finally, at the end of the movie, Mark is saved because a Stanford graduate develops a theory on how to save him (since simply sending a rocket would take months). This graduate, a Millennial, is also a clear example on how Millennials cannot be all put up into the same generalizations that we have read in some articles, such as “being lazy” and “having everything given to us by previous generations.” This Stanford guy clearly states the opposite. Millennials are very smart people, who use technology not just for fun but to make a positive change in the world. Millennials save lives, and also know how to save themselves in tough situations.



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