Monday, November 21

Today in class we discussed the Hintz and Tribunella chapter on Picture Books and focused specifically on 21st century picture books and the postmodern picture book. Looking at these types of books will hopefully open your minds to what is possible in your own picture book projects.

We looked at a couple of additional picture books in class today for inspiration and to think about how images and words can work together.

We also spent a good deal of class time working on picture books in groups as you prepare to depart for Thanksgiving break. Be sure you are planning ahead for how you will complete the Picture Book Mock Up, which is due in class when we return from break.


  1. Blog Post 5 is due tonight by 11:55 pm (see revised schedule!)
  2. Picture Book Mock Up is due in class on Monday, November 28. This mock up should be COMPLETE (all the pages) and should resemble the final book in size and shape, but does NOT need to be polished or finished in any way; pencil sketches, rough binding/staples, low quality paper are all fine, so long as the images and text are in place. Continue to work on your projects as a team before break.
  3. Read Rutledge’s article “The Psychological Power of Storytelling
  4. For class on Monday, November 28 we will have a brief discussion on the reading, then the remained of class time will be a peer review and team workshop day. Bring your picture book mock up and picture book materials to work on your texts in a group.

Enjoy Thanksgiving Break! thanksgiving

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