Love you Forever


This image is from the picture book Love You Forever.  In the book the mother repeatedly hugs her child and sings to him that she’ll love him forever and always.  This page is right in the beginning and sets the tone for the rest of the book.  This image uses soft colors – blues, browns, grey, and dark green with small hints of brighter colors here and there. Additionally, the image looks as if it was done in color pencil as there are no areas of solid color.  This has a calming effect because it seems free and makes the image appear more loving. This makes the book perfect for a bedtime story and thus is used as such.  The soft colors and rhythmic nature of how the words are read help lull a child to sleep while reflected the feelings that the parent will love their child forever and always.  Since there is a lot of writing on one page, the text and image are separated into two different pages. This is so that the child can look at the image while the parent reads the words.

This image of the mother rocking her child at night and singing is repeated throughout the book, and the final scene is the mother’s child as a full grow adult rocking his child to sleep and singing to her.  This means that the first image, show above, is the most important in the story as it can cause the child to view the book as either loving or creepy (there are parts the moving creeps on her full grown child).  The author fully utilizes this opportunity to show the most loving and heartfelt scene first and foremost.  This allows her to get a little silly with the book and say stuff about the mother sneaking into her adult child’s house.  These parts are not for the child, who is being lulled to sleep by the rhythmic nature of the words, but is instead for the adult.  The adult reader is amused by the idea of sneaking into their child’s homes just to hug them and give them love.

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  1. Melissa Gurvitz says:

    This was one of, if not my favorite picture books as a child. I have a very close relationship to my mother so I would always try and read it to her and vice versa. I like how you mention that parts of the book are not for the children reading it, but rather for the parents. I am in full agreement with that because it exemplifies more the point of view of the mother towards her child and no matter how old (or annoying) that child gets, she will always love him. This message is universal and it can be taken by either side. I like that you talk about the very first image. The first image is important because it starts the story from his baby years and from there he only grows older while she grows weaker. This book does give off a very calming effect due to the color scheme, so that was a very good catch on your part.

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