Geniuses Are Human Beings–analysis of “On A Beam of Light”



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  1. Yingnan Zhang says:

    This is really a good picture book, especially to physics fans like me. In this book, the author used a cartoon figure to represent Albert Einstein instead of his real serious face, so it makes this book more acceptable to young readers. Also, when reading this book, I realized that the theories by Einstein are all simplified by the author into very simple words, which could be used to help the children cultivate their interests in science in a young stage. Although some of the simplified theories deviate from the real scientific concepts, the information they are conveying are just enough for the children to understand. So I believe the author must also be an expert in education. The pages are made yellowish brown, not only to show the property as a historical story but also to make it comfortable to read. So I would say this book is a good source of science education for young children.

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