What I Hope to Teach Others

Creating this film with my team has not been as stressful as I thought it was going to be, but the process still contains stress by its very nature. This video project was assigned during a round of testing and other projects, so it has not been easy scheduling a time for everyone to meet. I am, however, happy with the type of movie we are making. Our short film follows the style of the TV show The Office. theofficeI hope to have a very clean looking film by the end of this project because I am the one who will be filming and editing the movie with the help of the others of course.

I hope that we will make whoever watches our film laugh, and hopefully learn something along the way. We are trying to get the message across that it is ok to not feel one hundred percent independent when you get to college, but you still have to attempt to do well in your classes or else you will never amount to anything. We are also trying to get across the message that if your parents force you tocatposter do something that you don’t enjoy, talk to them about it because most parents would much rather you be happy and pursuing your own dream than unhappy but following their dreams for you.

Luckily for me, I think that my parents did a great job raising me to be independent, so much so that if they don’t let me be independent I get upset because I feel like I can be. They would probably be upset if I wanted to get a major in something that isn’t marketable, but I am happy doing Computer Science. In my personal opinion, you do have to give up on your ideal dream just a little bit because ideals don’t work in the real world. You have to have a tangible method on how to actually achieve those dreams.

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  1. Owen Rosini says:

    To begin, I think this is a fantastic and very original idea for this film project. The entire concept of producing it to resemble an episode of the office is unique and something that is bound to entertain the viewer. To move on, I too have had similar issues with the whole team dynamic. Like you, I have had many assignments due this week, which have proved to be obstacles in staying on track to complete the parts of this assignment as the timeline of it desires. Nonetheless, my group and I are collaborating and finding ways to sort it all out. Furthermore, in my opinion the topic of your movie is extremely relevant and many high school students would probably would some guidance on the subject. I know that I myself would have liked a video like this when I entered college, as I feel I still struggle with some of the topics to which your group is trying to provide insight. I’m excited to see your end product and hope that the rest of the filming process works out nicely for you and your group.

  2. Alexander Lopez says:

    The concept of having parents try to force a certain major or career field on students has always been foreign to me. I guess it’s mostly because my parents never had to set any expectations for me because I was very self-driven. My parents never really had to worry about pushing me into a realistic career field because I have always made it clear that I intended to go into a realistic career field such as economics, engineering, law, or medicine. I do agree with you that everyone should pursue something that makes them happy, but I also think some people’s dreams are just too unrealistic to pursue. I think that is going to be the most difficult idea to convey in your video. Nobody likes telling other people their dreams are silly, but it’s important that incoming college kids know which degrees will get them good paying jobs, and which degrees are about as useful as toilet paper. Sounds harsh, but that is the real world.

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