So Far, So Good —-Group Video Response

Though this is not the first time I have participated in a group video project, this is the first time that I have had to finish a group project using English, which is not my first language. In the beginning, I have certain worries including whether or not I could get involved in the communication process due to my developing English; what if we have large divergences and what if some group members are not devoted to the project? But there have been no issues and my teammates are all talented, efficient and open to changes.

We are using a software called ‘Groupme’ as a tool to communicate with each other, so that we can do some online discussion without meeting every day.

We decided to set the thesis as “What I wish I had known two years ago is the amount of responsibility and maturity that I would have to obtain when moving to college.” When brainstorming we all agree that moving into college is a very important milestone in becoming an adult. We have already all experienced tremendous growth during the first month of college.

Within the video, we planned to talk about the obstacles we faced when moving into the college and how we overcame the difficulties. My expectation of the film is that it will help high school students become more aware of how to prepare for their upcoming college life. I want them to know what a day in college normally looks like, and how to transfer from a high school student to a college student as fluently as possible.

I hope this video can be both educational and entertaining. When I started my college life I realized that although I had read a lot of articles that talk about how to spend the 4 years of college more productively and had consulted people who have gone through the experience, I still found that the college life is slightly different from the picture in my mind. The level of maturity and responsibility required for academic and social success exceeds my expectation, and the ability to analyze oneself is crucial for success as well. I hope that after watching our video, high school students can avoid the mistakes we have made.

Due to the diversity of our group members, which include 2 in-state students and 2 international students, we also aim to give high school students a more inclusive image of college life.

The group work experience helped me understand the mechanism of collaborating with group members and thus helped me become a better communicator. I now feel more prepared for future team work required by Chemistry lab experiments.

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4 Responses to So Far, So Good —-Group Video Response

  1. Mingyuan Zhou says:

    I can see your concerns clearly because I have similar experiences during my cooperation with my teammates. Language can be extremely important during communication. It’s because we cannot understand the point, but because we cannot express ours. Sometimes we have clear and innovative ideas but because of some improper expression, we may not reach a predicted agreement from others. But anyway we have really helpful and friendly native teammates to help us out. On the other hand, I find that your group’s topic is similar with ours since we both take going to college as a milestone and will make some suggestions to high school students. You mentioned that your first time in college was awful and in fact so did most of the freshmen. Students in my groups mostly have experienced a lot of obstacles, either physically or mentally (except for some perfect guys.) I was totally tortured by my immature mentality and my homesick during these few weeks, but gradually I will overcome these problems. I think that there are a lot I want to suggest to myself two years ago, as you do. I’m looking forward to my group project now.

  2. Nicholas Wilhite says:

    Doing a project in a new country and with people who have spoken English their whole lives is extremely challenging and I could’t even imagine what that would be like. Trying to understand everything that other people are saying can be extremely difficult. Over the summer i played baseball with people who spoke Spanish and trying to understand them and fit in was very hard, but they were extremely nice and took me in which helped so much. As you said after watching videos about college it was still very different than i thought when I got here and making the adjustment was hard for me too. I can’t wait to see what your groups video will look like since it will be in the form of a documentary. This idea is different and is very exciting!

  3. Kathryn Popp says:

    Trust me, I was concerned with the language barrier before we began our group project as well. It must be so hard for you and other international students to communicate in groups here because everyone speaks English- and ONLY English. You have to do your work in two languages, practically! I couldn’t even imagine doing that. But GroupMe has definitely helped a lot with our communication and I’m extremely thankful that we have that kind of technology to work on our projects. Although we all come from different backgrounds and live on different sides of campus, we somehow manage to meet up and get our work done, which amazes me. We chose maturity and responsibility because it was something all of us could relate to, whether the video focuses on my perspective from someone that lives 30 minutes from home or whether it focuses on your perspective from someone that lives across the world. It’s a great topic, and I can’t wait to see how the video turns out!

  4. Yingnan Zhang says:

    I am always concerned about language barrier before starting the project just as you and I believe that this is a very common challenge for international students. But fortunately, as you said, our teammates are truly helping us to overcome this challenge and become better communicators. I know that your group is going to shoot a documentary about the responsibility and maturity gained from the college experience and I like this topic, for I felt that maturity is exceedingly important in college life. If we still consider problems like children and do not have the cognition to improve ourselves, we would not experience college life thoroughly and become real adults. So I would say based on your introduction about the film’s content, the high school students will definitely learn a lot from this documentary and I am also looking forward to watching it when it is available!

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