How To Create A Video With A Team

Make 'em laugh

Currently, the group video production process is very aggravating. The project is very time consuming, and it’s a pain to schedule times where everyone can meet. For example, this week focuses on Homecoming, so events/competitions are taking place to commemorate the occasion. I’m in a fraternity, and I’m required to have my pledge project finished by this upcoming Saturday and have our Pomp done with by the same date. Because of these previous engagements, I wasn’t able to attend the last group meeting. Though I was updated on what we planned to do this week, I felt frustrated that I didn’t have time to contribute to this week’s planning. That’s the only qualm I have as of now.

In spite of this, the process has been very rewarding. As a group, we began production by brainstorming what messages we wished to convey and how we’d set up our video to succinctly communicate our ideas. We decided on discussing what we wish we had known before we left our respective hometowns for college, and we came up with various sub-topics that centered around that theme. The sub-topics include laundry, over-sleeping, relations with roommate, making friends, and partying. After intensive thinking, we agreed to explain each sub-topic through short narratives instead of doing dry, uninteresting interviews. We have already completed the script, and we’re now beginning to film. It feels great to see all of the progress we have accomplished thus far, and it’ll be amazing to view the final product.

And once I see the final product, I’ll wish to have seen the video before I had left for college. I have made mistakes that involve the sub-topics we are discussing. For example, I have started washing my clothes and – midway through the wash cycle – realized that I forgot to place a pod beside my load of clothes. I have pulled an all-nighter, fallen asleep, and slept through my midterm; and I can’t make up the test. I have had awkward experiences trying to make friends here. I am a man who isn’t really afraid of talking to strangers, so I am very accustomed to being blown off by people. My ability to relate to this video will definitely make me wish I had watched this video prior to college so that I could prevent these mistakes. However, I’m content with having gone through these mistakes. After all, experience is the best teacher, and I hope to partially convey that in the group video.




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  1. Nyambura Iruku says:

    I can totally relate with the difficulty scheduling time for meeting. With all other clubs and activities, it certainly is a struggle to find time to film and edit and meet. While this is a struggle, it has really made me organize my time better. Our group made a schedule of every time we are available so we could have a visual representation of when we can film. This helped a lot and made it easier for when we need to meet to edit. I also agree that the group project is very rewarding. Because the class is mainly online, we don’t get to see much of each other and it is nice to have the opportunity to work with one another. Working with the members has also given me insight to great ideas and has made the project better than it could have ever been by myself. I am also very excited to see the final product because I feel like it would have helped me if I saw it in high school.

  2. Sereym Baek says:

    I definitely agree with you of the struggle of meeting together. Even with a group of 5 people, we all have different class schedules and tests. Although it it fairly difficult, I think it is a good introductory experience of what college will be like. In high school, all of us started and ended school at the same time. In addition, the class times are all the same, so it is quite easy to meet up and work on a project together. However, this project showed me that it is not going be that easy anymore. In order to work on a group project or simply to meet up with friends requires a lot of planning beforehand. In fact, as you have mentioned, a daily schedule is needed in order to be successful for all the classes and extra-curricular activities. Experience is indeed a great teacher, and I hope your audience learns a lot from yours.

  3. Sean Joplin says:

    I love that gif at the beginning of your post. I do think that if everyone is laughing then your message gets across better. Whether this is because they begin to associate happy memories with your message or whatever, I think that it works one hundred percent. I also agree that it has been a struggle to schedule team meetings. We all have tests that we want/need to study for, so we often times meet on Fridays. If you want to try suggesting this to your group it might help the meeting problem, but you also have fraternity projects due on the weekend so I don’t know. Your overall video theme seems informative and to the point, and I can’t wait to see how you incorporate humor into the video. I hope that you learn something about communication by doing this project, because we all still have a lot of learning to do before we graduate.

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