Group Video Project Reflection: More Responsibility

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  1. Shaan Patel says:

    I agree with you, Dylan, about how hard it is to make a relatively long video like that. Most of the footage is cut down and after all the edits, 50% is a generous percentage about how much film is left over. There are so many things that we don’t always think of when we go into making a long video. I also agree with the preparation required for filming because there were many mess-ups when we were filming. A lot of the footage we just scrapped and deleted. The editing is something that is underrated, also. After all the footage is recorded, it takes a trained eye to find the perfect points to cut down at and combine with other clips. In order to cut down all of the film, you have to re-watch it all which takes a long time. These are the things that aren’t really accounted for, but they take a long time.

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