Friday, September 30 – ONLINE

For class today, you will watch a brief lecture on Format and Design that will help you think about what your Editorial Response artifact should look like. Then, you will respond to the discussion posts from last class on A.O. Scott’s essay “Death of Adulthood,” by incorporating new observations and arguments about Graham’s “Against YA” into the conversation. Finally, you will examine an editorial and editorial response about YA literature and track the arguments and rebuttals made by each author.


Please view the video on Format and Design that will help you think through how to design your Editorial Response artifact. There is a “Sample Editorial Response” document available on TSquare in the Week 6 folder that goes along with this video.



Last class, we discussed A. O. Scott’s “Death of Adulthood” and the editorial response Watch a few of the videos that your classmates posted and choose one that intrigues you or want to respond to. In a similar video, respond to the comments made by your classmate, you should also fold in information or support from any of the essays we read for today. After responding to your classmate for 1- 1.5 minutes, you should also respond to the following prompt for approximately 1 minute:

Graham’s “Against YA” makes similar claims as A.O. Scott when she asserts that YA fiction is inappropriate for adults to read and that grown-ups should be ashamed about reading anything besides serious literature. Do you agree with her stance? How does her argument fit into our larger discussion of adulting?

Upload your 2 – 2.5 minute video to YouTube (you may set the privacy to either “unlisted” or “public”).

On TSquare, use the “September 28 – Death of Adulthood” forum to post a link to your video by replying to the forum post you chose to respond to.




Sherman Alexie’s editorial is a direct response to Meghan Cox Gurdon‘s original editorial, much like the editorial response you are working on for next week.

After reading both articles, record two of the arguments that Gurdon makes in her editorial, then explain how Alexie refutes those claims in his response; you should aim to paraphrase or summarize these arguments rather than just recording quotes. Finally, locate one claim that Gurdon makes that Alexie does not refute (or one you don’t think he refutes adequately) and add your own response. You can use numbered bullet points to indicate the argument/refute sets.

Post your three sets of arguments/refutations in the TSquare Forum labeled “Gurdon/Alexie Editorial Response”



  1. Blog Post 3 responses (2) are due tonight – see the Blog Assignments and Prompts page for suggestions on how to respond to the Editorial Fact Check if you are stuck.
  2. Work on Editorial Response, both drafting your content and designing your artifact to mimic the design of the original editorial. You will need a COMPLETE draft of this artifact (including text and design) for class on Wednesday, October 5.
  3. Read the four articles listed on the syllabus:
    1. Anonymous “Not LMAO at Student Emails
    2. Portwood-Stacer, “How to Email Your Professor Without Being annoying AF”
    3. Bohrampor “Young People Live with their Parents
    4. Kendizor “Myth of Millennial Entitlement


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