We Aren’t Zombies….Right?


In the Seattle Times article written by Ammon Perea the author claims that millennials are all zombies. Now as far as I know and I’m pretty certain of the fact that I am no zombie and that the people I go to class with are not either. What the author is really trying to claim is that we millennials are manipulated by the media, wether that is through our phones and media , or since the time we were young and the availability of TV as well as the fact that our teachers taught us how to think and react to everything. The author also claims that a millennial cannot hold a conversation about politics, or history just due to ignorance and instead they would rather talk about Pokemon Go, or Drake’s new mixtape. The author started to see a change in millennials with Bernie’s campaign however he claims that the failure of the campaign simply led back to the notion that as a generation we millennials are powerless.

Claim 1 :I have one explanation: We’re a bunch of sheep.

We are not a bunch of sheep and are human beings and we also do care. Millennials that we look up to  such as Chance the Rapper, Colin Kaepernick are trying to show that we do care and we do have power by protesting the nation anthem or allowing us to register to vote during their performance.


claims 2: I am a part of a group of kids that has been bombarded with information since we were young, most of which is completely useless

I do not agree with this claim and cannot find anything to support it. If what the author means by this is that our education system is not the greatest and should be reformed I would have to agree with him there. However, we have been provided with information at our fingertips I just would not call it useless.

claims 3: We have been tricked into thinking we have no power to change it.

Similar to my response to the first claim I do not find us powerless and some millennials are taking the leadership role to change this as mentioned above.

claim 4:We are told what to eat, what to wear, what to say, and all of it is just a big distraction technique, while those in power take our futures right out from under us.

We have been told what and how to think however I think this is changing. For instance we are more liberal unlike generation before us and have seen significant progress in our life time, in example same sex marriage, legalization of marijuana and so forth.  So I would not say we cannot think for our own.



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  1. Sarah Bowling says:

    I think your argument against this editorial is really good. You should try to elaborate more on certain topics, such as proving that Millennials are not sheep. Maybe give examples of things young people themselves have done, instead of the idols they look up to. In your second rebuttal, I would mention that many people learn about the Gaza conflict in middle school and high school. At least we did in my history class. You should provide facts about how the education system has changed their material over the decades to cover more. For your third rebuttal, I would also give examples here of how Millennials are making changes. Mention specific leaderships, as you mentioned. Same goes for the last one; it would make your argument stronger if you used specific examples to support your idea.

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