Is It True We Are All Zombies?

In the Seattle Times article written by Ammon Perea the author claims that millennials are all zombies. Now as far as I know and I’m pretty certain of the fact that I am no zombie and that the people I go to class with are not either. What the author is really trying to claim is that we millennials are manipulated by the media, wether that is through our phones and media , or since the time we were young and the availability of TV as well as the fact that our teachers taught us how to think and react to everything. The author also claims that a millennial cannot hold a conversation about politics, or history just due to ignorance and instead they would rather talk about Pokemon Go, or Drake’s new mixtape. The author started to see a change in millennials with Bernie’s campaign however he claims that the failure of the campaign simply led back to the notion that as a generation we millennials are powerless.

However I do not find this true at all and the author does not help to try to convince me of his claims. He supports his claims on only his personal experiences and stereotyping our generation. I am sure that as a generation we do care and we are trying to become more involved and this is all led by the figures that we look up to. For instance Chance The Rapper is allowing people to register to vote at his concerts in an attempt to show that we do have power and we can make a difference. So this is an artist who is a millennial who shows he cares about who our president will be and that as a whole we should to and giving other millennials the opportunity to follow. Also with more social injustice football players that fall into the millennial generation are taking a stand along side the Black Lives Matter protest by protesting during the national anthem and fighting for whats right, ultimately showing the world that millennials do care.

So I think this author is the ignorant one and he decided to speak stereotype a whole generation solely based on his experiences . We do care and as a result we have seen significant change because we demanded it. For example the same sex marriage was highly pushed by millennials along with the legalization of marijuana, so when it comes to millennials being ignorant, we aren’t.


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