I’m a millennial and my generation sucks-Oh really? To the facts


“Millennials are the worst. I should know — I am one.”

I don’t even know where to begin on this, first it’s an authority fallacy,second being a member of something, it does not make you an expert on the subject, and there is absolutely no evidence outside of is claim and so this statement is Mostly False; the only reason it isn’t completely false is because he is indeed a millennial.

“‘My boomer co-workers get paid more and they have no clue what Reddit is! drones the millennial victim as the tiny violin plays. Meanwhile, baby boomers gave us, um, computers, and our major contributions to society are emojis and TV recaps.”

First,  Straw Man Millennial is a Straw man. Second on that point, you could easily argue that boomers are the same way “back in my day we went out and got jobs and all of these kids coming in here with there degrees and expecting to be paid.” Either way straw man. Oh boy if Boomers invented computers then I invented the Internet! The First Computers were technically invented during World War Two, but early members of the Greatest Generation, and late members of the Lost Generation.  If you discount Facebook, a trash cleaner for the pacific ocean, and countless other things that millennials have created, then yes emoji’s are our greatest contribution. All of this has been done before any of us are 35. Pant’s on Fire.

“First there was Talia Jane, the dopey, 25-year-old Yelp employee who was rightly fired for whining about her low salary on social media.”

In the US it is illegal to be fired for discussing pay, it is not illegal to complain about salary. Also ad hominid is an ad hominid. The source of this is mostly likely the boss who says it is illegal to discuss pay, when it actually isn’t. False

“And then entered the Sandernistas, Bernie Sanders obsessives who preached reform and inclusion by berating their closest friends and family for daring to think differently. (One post on the “Bernie or Bust” Facebook group reads, “I don’t want to be friends with you if you support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.”) “

Well ad hominid, straw man, and a source that is from facebook of all things… and how is this argument any different then what he is describing? I’M RIGHT AND YOUR WRONG! why? BECAUSE I SAID SO; YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO THINK DIFFERENTLY. This comes from the media’s bubble of establishment. The idea that Bernie supports aren’t serious and are annoying, has been exhausted by all involved. How are we suppose to contribute society if we don’t ever speak up anyway? Misleading at best.

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  1. Christopher O'brien says:

    I actually picked this same article for my blog post, and you have a very energetic take on the whole thing. Specifically on the Bernie Sandernista claim, you brought up an excellent point about it being such a hypocritical claim. I also wanted to add that his claim essentially has nothing to do with his point. He has no evidence that Sanderistas are related to millennials at all. He can’t generalize an entire generation based on one political group of people. To me it makes no sense. Overall I can relate to your frustration with this article, and I think it is a great one to respond to. I am interested to see what other points you bring up.

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