Monday, September 26 – ONLINE

For today’s class, you will need to work with your peer review group to complete today’s activity, so plan to meet with one another during our class period. You will need to complete the following items:

  1. Watch the video lecture (posted below). It is best if you have completed the WOVENText reading before watching this lecture.
  2. Post on the discussion forum on TSquare: choose three of the posted discussion questions (see below for additional instructions).
  3. Work with your peer review group to deconstruct either the the Worthen or Schulman editorials, like the video demonstrates (see below for additional instructions).


Please watch the following video lecture on editorials and opinion pieces. It will be best if you have completed the WOVENText reading for today before you watch the lecture


Individually, respond to three of the discussion questions posted in the TSquare forum for today.

In choosing the questions you plan to respond to, make sure you will have the opportunity to discuss your thoughts and reactions to all three editorials.  (Questions 1, 2, 3 address Worthen essay, Questions 4, 5, 6 address Schulman essay, Questions 7, 8 address the “Lecture from the Lectured” and Question 9 asks you to consider all 3).

Your responses may be less formal than your blog posts or other written communications but should still be written in complete sentences and carefully spell checked.


With your peer review group, work to deconstruct EITHER the Worthen or Schulman essay, like the example in the video. You may complete this work digitally or on a printed copy of the article (in either case, using the “Printable version” that allows you to turn the article into a PDF might give you a cleaner version of the article to work with).

As a team, work to complete the following:

  1. Highlight all of the claims being made
  2. Underline/highlight in a different color any direct evidence used to support those claims
  3. Fact check at least three pieces of evidence from the articles and describe the level of accuracy and reliability of the sources used.
  4. Scan or screenshot your marked up version and upload to the appropriate forum on TSquare (Sept 26 – Fact Check Practice). Be sure to type the names of your group members in the text box before posting.


  1. If you have not already, choose an editorial that discusses the Millennial generation – this editorial should be on a topic that fits the theme of our class, but also one that you find at least interesting but ideally passionate about. Your editorial response will be more interesting if you have a strong interest in the topic. You will need to have chosen your editorial for class on Wednesday, as we will complete an activity on the one you have chosen.
  2. Read:
    1. WOVENText Ch 5
    2. A. O. Scott “Death of Adulthood in American Culture
    3. Petri” Death of Adulthood? Yes Please
  3. Begin drafting Blog Post 3: Editorial Fact Check, due Wednesday at 11:55pm

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